The Culture Lens Published on The Manor

For ten beautiful weeks I maintained a weekly column discussing art and culture on SCAD's award winning online fashion magazine, The Manor. Each of the accompanying graphics were done by me. Next to them are the intros to my favorite column pieces. Follow the links to read my full articles.


Seeing Art and Culture Through Designer Glasses

We know fashion the same way we know our hair and our skin. Some of us know it better than others, but we all know what it means to put on clothes. Be it your favorite pair of mom jeans that squeeze your butt just right. Or maybe it’s that uber expensive bag you’ve spent entirely too much on. Whether fashion makes it easier for you to feel invisible or stand out from the crowd, it tells us a lot about ourselves. Maybe it tells us more than we think we know.


A Call to Advertising on Diversity

I stand on the shoulders of the women who came before me. The women who fought for me to find my voice, to get an education, to have rights. And they fought hard. Yet I am still a woman. A woman in a society where I only see myself in 11% of congress (a record we broke last year) and only 3% of creative directors.


Art or Artist?

Recently I’ve been finding myself in conversations where I feel uncomfortable and a little bit wrong. At an art school, it’s no surprise we talk about pop culture news pertaining to art, like the new collection by Viktor and Rolf, but some conversations take a darker turn. Someone will bring up an artist with quality work that will then be preceded by the terrible things this person does or has done like, for example, renewed interest in the sexual misconduct of R. Kelly. 


The Art of Getting It

I work as a docent in a Contemporary Art museum— the SCAD museum to be specific. And it’s, well, contemporary. Often times I am talking to people who are not SCAD students, tourists who are older and they sometimes just don’t get it. There are the ones who walk around avoiding all eye contact with me because they are scared of the fact that they don’t get it. There are some who ask questions to help them get it and then there are those who walk right up to me to tell me they don’t get it, aggressively with a hint of judgment.