I started as one of three interns — and the only on the copy team — picked from over 600 candidates. Working on big projects ranging from campaigns to product to social impact made me an integral part of the team. I was lead copywriter on an intern initiative presented to C-suite stakeholders. I stayed on contract to work on international campaigns, digital content, and more everyday. 

International Campaign: Find some headspace
My first week as an intern I was writing tons of lines for what started as a national "Dear Headspace" campaign. The line "I can sit still" was all me, baby. 

International Campaign: Black Friday
Chief Creative Officer chose my lines as the heroes of this digital promo. Gravestone for my third favorite: The only deal helping you deal.

FR-Line1-FB-IG - 1x1 - 1080x1080-1.png
DE-Line2-FB-IG - 1x1 - 1080x1080-1.png
NorAm-Stress-Display - 970x250 - Desktop web-1.png
NorAm-Healthiest-Display - 970x250 - Desktop web-6.png

New product feature: Stress Study
As lead copywriter I carried this idea from internship to product — integrating emerging voice technology to capture the stress levels of our members. Our experiment surfaced among 15,000 participants and presented to C-suite stakeholders.

1.2 Braze Modal.png
3.5 Voice Tool.png
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3.5 Voice Tool (1).png
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New B2B Website
Headspace for Work needed a lift. Going from only one page, focused too much on how it works, to a three page site featuring the sell, the how, and the why. This project showcases my ability to navigate multiple stakeholders, audiences, and messages.

Screen Shot 2021-11-27 at 3.09.05 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-11-27 at 3.08.53 PM.png

Headspace for Educators
Designer Nicole Ransom and I worked on a back-to-school collection to help teachers create a mindful classroom.


Content Collections 
Writing product copy taught me to write with precision — considering brand voice, purpose, benefit and audience.