What do storytelling and tech have in common?

Definitely words. But also myself. 

Image by NeONBRAND

Kylie Ruffino

~ Copywriter & Content Strategist

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I was born in the middle of the Australian outback. I remember a lot. Whether the memories are from photos or things my parents have told me, I can't really be sure. But my years there taught me how to tell a really good story, like the time I came face to face with one of the world's deadliest snakes and lived to tell about it. If you listen to my mom tell it, she would say I was a baby, sitting on the counter helping her cook and the snake started slithering through the kitchen. If you listen to me tell the story, it slithered up the counter and stared me in the face. THEN, my mom saved me by smacking it with a frying pan. That's what I told my entire third-grade class. To this day, I could swear it happened just like that.